About Us

Quality Assurance

  • Workflow Integration
  • Quality Control
  • Critical Path Method
  • Equipment Analysis

Franchise Opportunity

  • Tested Quality Satisfaction
  • Customer Loved
  • Exclusive Products
  • Operate with confidence
  • Affordable Entry point

Helping Other Donut Shops

  • Help make best tasting yeast-raised donuts with your chosen ingredients
  • Review your current procedures
  • Facilitate production operation
  • Services customized to your shop condition

The Team

Rick Chhu, Director of Operations

Rick has been around the donut business since 1984 and has been a baker for 7  years.  He  leads our Product Quality and Control  Department. When it comes to taste , he and his team will ensure you make the most out of every batch. 

Tim Chhu, Principal Business Manager

Tim has been at the helm of our management team since we started. He specializes in forecasting, planning, compliance and structuring. He sees the big picture in every situation.