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Helping other Donut Shops


Customers who like your products will come back. We can perform a review of your shop operations to identify key areas where the quality of your donuts can be improved.  We will  clearly list and describe the services we offer.  With quality tasting donuts,  you can proudly showcase your premium products.

Franchise Opportunity


If you would like to partner with us and  join a brand that is known for quality and great tasting donuts without having to start from square one, franchising might be the option for you.

Real testimonials


You may find out how customers really feel about our products by going to Monahans Donuts on Google Map and Facebook.

Our Philosophy


We believe in providing a quality service to be proud of.  When you join our service, you can feel confident you are our priority. 

Making the Change


Having clear goals create motivation to strategize a plan to get there.  Are your plans putting you in a good place right now?  Can you see  it changing for the better?  If not,  NOW is your time to Make that Change.

Customers' FAQs


Customers have questions, we have answers.  Find out more below. 

Frequently asked questions (faqs)

Helping other Donut Shops (FAQs)

1.  Who qualifies for your service?

2.  How  does  your  service  work?

3.  Why type of donut dough do you provide service for?

4.  To what extent does your service include?

5.  How long does the process take?

6. How soon can I see results?

7.  Are your going to tell me how to make great tasting donuts?

8.  Are you going to tell me what to use to make great tasting donuts?

9.  Can you use my products to find the best combination?

10.  Do you guarantee you can make my donuts taste better?

11.  Will you share my information with others?

12.  What service plans do you have and how much  do they cost?

13.  Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

14.  How do we communicate?

15.  Why should I invest in your service?

16.  Why is your service better than learning by myself?

17.  What is your enrollment schedule and limit?


1. Who qualifies for your service?

   The goal of MyBakeryHelp is to assist the "Mom-and-Pop" donut shops who hand-cut their yeast-raised donuts to better compete and thrive against the bigger franchise chain name brands.

2.  How does the service work?

    MyBakeryHelp  will analyze the situation of your shop to include your current choice of ingredients, equipment, procedures, and labor.  If relevant, we provide other ingredient options from which to use.  We then formulate a series of daily questions for you to answer. We analyze the answers and provide suggestions for the next action to take to improve your results. Over time your result should improve until it is at its best level in terms of donut having desirable features.  Such desirable features include texture, softness, “chewyness”, density, and “airyness”. Combined with icing and condiments, your donuts should be a delight and joy to eat.

3. What type of donut dough do you provide service for?

   MyBakeryHelp provides service only for yeast raised donuts using dry yeast. This is the type where dry yeast is required to help make the dough expand (“rise”) and “proofing” is required. Our focus will be on obtaining a dough that contains desirable features after it has been cooked in the fryer and turned into donut.  Such desirable features include texture, softness, “chewyness”, density, and “airyness”.

4.  To what extent will your service include?

     MyBakeryHelp will work with you to produce the best yeast-raised donuts possible using your chosen ingredients.  You may change the ingredients at anytime.  As for flavoring and condiments, the selections are almost unlimited.  Our main goal is for you to produce a yeast-raised product that will have a desirable texture, softness, “chewyness”, density, and “airyness”.  There are also many styles and types of donuts that can be made with the dough. We can share how to make some of the more common ones like glaze, bars, cinnamon rolls, and apple fritters.  The final choice will be yours to make. 

5.  How long does the process take?

     We know baking donuts can be a tricky process and so the time required can vary depending on your comfort level and experience. It usually takes between 6 to 12 months to work out all the flaws.  After this happens we can establish a reliable pattern to consistently produce great tasting donuts. 

6. How soon can I see results ?

     We will start with an educated guess based on our experience. Since every donut bakery operation uses their own unique ingredients, procedures, and labor, it is not possible to give an accurate time frame for when a satisfactory result will be obtained.  We will work with you to modify your ingredients and procedures based on your daily answers to our series of questions that are customized for your shop situation.  There will be times when you will see no improvements or even “backward” improvements but this is part of the process to finding the best combinations of ingredients and procedures to use and follow. Making great-tasting donuts involve learning both what to, and what not to do. 

7.  Are you going to tell me how to make great tasting donuts?

     Donut making is an iterative process and its’ results depend on the ingredients and procedures involved for your specific situation. Since we work with your specific situation, the answer is yes, but it will take time. Please understand that our focus will be on the quality of the donut texture, softness, “chewyness”, density, and “airyness”. The actual flavor is dependent on the condiments and icings which will be determined by you.

8.  Are you going to tell me what to use to make great tasting donuts?

     Once you begin our service, we will guide you to the general ingredients to choose from. When your donut shop eventually settles on the unique desired ingredients, we will work with you to make the best yeast-raised donuts possible.  Your donuts are going to be unique to your shop. 

9.  Can you use my products to find the best combination?

     While it may sound like a great time saver to do this, the reality is it doesn’t work. The main reasons it doesn’t work are because our procedures, machines, location, and labor are not the same as yours.  It is not possible to replicate what you do at your shop. Working with you and providing guidance is the most efficient and effective approach. 

10.  Do you guarantee you can make my donuts taste better?

     The short answer is no we cannot.  We have a lot of experience making great tasting donuts but we can’t say it is the best in the world. We can say that we have enough customers from far-away towns, and states telling us our donuts taste the best (as well as our own experience) that we feel our knowledge can benefit many other donut shops.  We have made enough to take care of our families by doing it ourselves.  Now we want to help other “mom-and-pops” make enough to take care of their family.

11.  Will you share my information with others?

     MyBakeryHelp places privacy as our highest priority.  We can never share your information with anyone else.

12.  What service plans do you have and how much do they cost?

     We have two categories of service plan: Active and Passive.  When you first start out you must choose the Active Plan.  In this Active Plan, we will work with you to produce the best yeast-raised donuts possible.  You have the option of initially choosing our 6-month or 12-month plan. The 6-month plan cost is $13,000.  The 12-month plan cost is 18,000.  If you feel additional time is needed you may choose our 6-month extension plan for a cost of $5,000. You may extend as many times as you need until you are satisfied with your finished product.  We strongly recommend the 12-month plan because it will provide enough time to produce a reliable pattern. 

When you feel you do not need our Active Plan, you may then elect to switch to our Passive Plan. Please note that you must first be enrolled in the Active Plan. The Passive Plan will provide a daily temperature recommendation for your liquid mixing solution in order to maintain the quality you achieved during the Active Plan. The Passive Plan has the option of the 6-month, or the 12-month plan. The 6-month Passive Plan cost $2,000.  The 12-month Passive Plan cost $3,000.

13.  Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied ?

     MyBakeryHelp  invests heavily to helping our clients achieve their desired result. Since the result depends on your choice of ingredients, procedures, equipment, and labor, it is not possible to guarantee that your products will taste better than your competitor. Therefore, before you decide to utilize our service, you must consider that possibility.  If you change your mind and request a refund, you must do so BEFORE our service begins.  You will receive a refund less $150 for processing fee.  We stress you must make this request BEFORE our service begins .  Once you begin our service we are NOT able to issue a refund.  Service will begin when we collect information about your particular shop situation.

14.  How do we communicate?

     When you are enrolled into our service we will communicate primarily via email. You may also call when necessary. Email is the preferred form because it allows us both to carefully review what has been discussed and provide time to provide relevant replies. We suggest you answer your daily customized questions as soon as you possible to avoid forgetting, and emailing them back to us along with any questions you may have.  We will try to answer them before the next morning with a responding email.  Do not delete these emails as you will need them to review what we have discussed.  We recommend you set up a dedicated email for this service to avoid it getting lost between other emails.

15.  Why should I invest in your service?

     Great question. Why should you?  Wouldn’t it be better to instead spend the money on helpers, your family, or something you desire like a car or vacation? The answer is if you want to hire helpers, help family, or buy something, you must first make enough profit. How much profit you make depends on how much you sell. 

At MyBakeryHelp we have the experience and know-how to help you produce great tasting donuts.  When customers enjoy your donuts they return, tend to buy more, and freely advertise for you. This translates into increase sales and increase profit.  People love good food and good donuts is something they will happily buy to share with their friends.  Compare to what you get back in profit, we feel it is a worthy investment that will pay for itself many times over.

You now have some important questions to ask yourself.  Are you satisfied with your current product and profit?  How does your products compare to your competitors? Are you making enough to hire good help so you can take time off to enjoy with your family?  And last but not least, do you want your shop to be known for low price or great quality?  

You have made big financial investments into your donut shop. Every day you operate, you spend time and have operating costs. The last thing you want is for your products to go to waste because of low customer turnout due to poor quality.  Now you have a critical choice to make. Do you want to continue on your current path or are you ready to make a change?  What will your competitors do?  


16.  Why Is your service better than learning myself? 

     The simple answer is because we already have the experience to help you produce great-tasting-donuts.  We can share what factors are important so you can just focus on execution and not waste time on something unnecessary.

17.  What is your enrollment schedule and limit?

     The enrollment schedule is ongoing but dependent on how many clients we have at any one time.  To maintain quality of our service and personal attention to our clients we only accept a limited number.  Once we have open slots we will accept new clients. It is best to sign up as soon as possible.